Emilian Mleczak

Director; Head of Operations, Service Management /Head of Employer Branding & Marketing in Fujitsu Poland


Agile operational management approach “Facilitator” vs “Dictator”

Agile has become recently one of the most catchy phrases in the IT world. To operations; however, the hype brought as much excitement as confusion. Although the approach is relatively simple to define (Agile – embracing change and quickly reacting to it), when it comes to successful implementation within operational team or the organisation, it often requires a fundamental cultural change.

Agile culture takes away unnecessary bureaucracy and  processes, allowing quick increments with short feedback loops, regularly matched against overall goals. For that it embraces highly collaborative, cross-functional and empowered teams, which among many operation leaders strikes a fear of chaotic freedom and lack of control.

For the operational executives, one of the hardest lesson is learning to involve talented people and recognising when to get out of their way. It is because Agile requires a different operation management approach:“Facilitator” rather than “Dictator”.  I invite you to share and exchange my experience on building and managing agile operational teams within dynamically changing organization environment and culture.



·       What is an Operational Agile Culture

·       How to create an agile operating team

·       What is the role of the Agile Operation Manager