Andrew Vermes

Senior Consultant @ Kepner-Tregoe


Improve your major incident handling skills

As users and customers ITSM professionals often suffer from poor Incident Management when we seek support ourselves:


Scripted approaches which take no account of our issue

More time spent on housekeeping than handling the incident

Engineers too busy with the technology to notice what we’re asking for


This workshop is for:


People involved in major incidents: Major Incident Managers; SMEs called on to make significant contributions, IT and Business Leaders who regularly participate in major incident conference calls.


This event is a short overview of a tested approach to major incidents, and how to manage several overlapping workstreams.


This workshop focuses on the essentials for delivering a quality outcome in a major incident:


  • How to handle the first 5 minutes
  • Speeding up the vital capture of information
  • Managing upset stakeholders
  • Dealing with multiple communication channels
  • Keeping everyone updated without diverting key resources from solving the issue


The session revolves around a major incident case study, where participants will relive the frustrations and joys of handling conflicting demands, and present a flexible dashboard to help hold the whole thing together.