Paul Wilkinson

Director @ GamingWorks

Keynote Speaker

Is a game Nice to have or NEED to have as part of your improvement initiatives?

Many organizations are faced with a need to transform ITSM skills and capabilities in this age of Digital disruption. A massive investment is made in certificates – the latest being the investment in ITIL 4. People are then expected to translate theory into practice in a live environment often without help or coaching. At the same time they are now expected to gain end-to-end buy-in from the Business, Developers and other stakeholders to this new ITIL theory. A business simulation game is a form of experiential learning. My question is ‘is a game NEED to have’? I will show you what our latest marslander simulation is, What problems it can help solve and give you a number of concrete ITIL 4 improvements you can take away and reveal how a ‘C’ level business exec said ‘Everybody in IT needs to experience this’.