Natalia Legowska

Head of IT Applications and Projects Central & Eastern Europe @ Swissport International Ltd.


IT operation – insourcing vs. outsourcing

Every day, all over the world, cost-related decisions are made. IT is still seen as a producer of costs without any profits. This erroneous thinking leads to quick decisions: outsourcing. What are the consequences of this, companies learn about it after about a year. Often other options are not taken into consideration for different reasons. In this workshop I would like to show you the different paths, the impact on the organization and its costs.

– outsourcing must be carefully considered – depending on the size of the company and its objectives it is not worthwhile to outsource, although at first glance the offer looks attractive
– The internal change from local to regional teams brings many positive aspects (financially but also qualitatively).
– Outsourcing has many consequences – cultural differences can affect the whole company