Piotr Białek

Global Solution Manager, Marine Digital Services & Group Leader for Marine Unit Kraków @ ABB


Marine IT Operations in Kraków. A story of Team’s transformation and growth

The presentation focuses on a story of Marine IT Operations unit in Kraków working for Digital Services in Norway. The author will introduce audience to Marine Digital Services business and explains why the unit has been started in Kraków and how it has transformed through the years from pure support to services execution and innovation center. Takeaways will be author’s thoughts on the main factors that made the transformation possible, relation with the business partners and why working in this team is so exciting and refreshing

Working for Marine IT Operation team is extremely exciting and interesting. Unit took a long journey from being simple IT Support to delivering and developing new services. I believe that in every IT Support team such shift can be introduced and as a result improving core business.

Key factors that made the transformation possible: ownership, autonomy, agile way of working, being close to the business and having clear overview over financial results vs work done during the year.