Robert Piotrowski

Service Management Expert @ T-Mobile Polska


One Source of Truth – the CMDB story by T-Mobile

A case study of the practical implementation of a complex IT and Telco configuration management system in T-Mobile Polska using the BMC Atrium toolset. During the workshop you will learn the step-by-step process of how the concept was born and what we considered when building the solution. You will see the backstage of making important decisions and answering many important and always hot questions, such as:
• how to build a data model and which model, “detailed” or “expanding”, is more effective? (#concept; #DataModel; #CDM)
• how to choose tools effectively (#concept, #tools)
– will it be better to look for a tool ready for a figured-out concept?
– or should the concept be adapted to the features of the tool?
• how to collect data and ensure that its scope is complete? (#inventory; # integrations; #discovering)
• how to ensure data quality and what practical benefits you can obtain by automating processes using professional tools? (#processes, #oneEntry, #automation, #normalization, #reconciliation)
• What it takes to delight sponsors? How to move forward and gain quick wins.


You need to find out – Configuration management is not just CMDB.
– how a comprehensive approach translates into effective service management.
– how to follow achieving quick-wins.
– what practical benefits can be obtained by automating processes on professional tools
– this is not marketing is the real world – you can ask any related question