Open Space – What are the Critical Success Factors for effective and efficient Operations in the Cloud?

What is going to happen here?

Let’s play a game …

There is no agenda but there is a leading question that we want to answer. To answer by using our knowledge, experience and creativity enhanced by participating in the discussion with others.  Open your mind, exercise your brain and think outside the box to generate valuable outcomes of this session. See you there!


Open Space rules:

Open Space is a powerful tool for engaging groups in discussions to explore particular questions or issues. It enables people with ideas and energy to connect creating the opportunity to turn ideas into action. It is the foremost tool from ‘we have no idea’ to real action.


Open does not mean that there are no rules 😊  Indeed Open Space has its’ Four Rules, One Law and two insects.


The Four Rules state:

  1. Whoever come are the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  3. Whenever it starts is the right time
  4. When it’s over, it’s over


The Law of Two Feet states that:

“If, during the course of the gathering, any person finds themselves in a situation where they are neither learning nor contributing, they can go to some more productive place.”


The insects are:

  • Butterflies.
    • These people hang out, maybe drinking tea, and don’t appear to do much
    • However they may just be involved with the most important discussions of the day
  • Bees.
    • They flit from conversation to conversation bring new ideas, and fresh eyes to the table
    • They can also encourage mingling for those for whom the Law of Two Feet feels a bit rude