Hints for Speakers

Who am I going talk to?

Our audience are mainly IT Managers, Specialists from mid-size and large organizations with 2-20 years of experience. You can expect to meet CIO, CSO, CTO, but also Scrum Masters, Lean/ Agile Coaches, Process and Product Owners, DevOps Engineers, Line Managers, Project Managers, Process/Service Owners etc.

How long should be the speech?

We would like to build an attractive and energetic program; therefore, each presentation is max 25min + 5 min QA session.

What should be the content?

Ideally it should be a real-life case study from your organization. It should be very practical and relevant, meaning that everyone could find something usable and actionable. Our Speakers should not use the stage to pitch their product or service. It’s a fine line between shameless self-promotion and wholesome self-reporting so just remember this rule of thumb: “if it feels like an advertisement, it probably is.”

When should I have my presentation ready?

In order to keep the quality and make this event successful we ask you to provide your presentation until 11.11.2019

Is there a QA session?

We will use mobile solution and let the audience type question during your speech. People may vote for questions that they like the most. At the end of your presentation our Host will pick 2-4 most popular questions and ask you for the answer.

How many people should I expect in a room?

At the event, we expect to have about 150 – 200 participants.

What should I do besides my speech?

We believe that this event is all about people. We would like to ask you to be present entire event, make a connection, be open and create a friendly and inspiring atmosphere.

Logistics and expenses?

All speakers and trainers will get a free ticket to the conference and a networking party. We are not covering transport and accommodation. We assume that it is covered by the speaker employer, as a regular business travel.

What are my benefits?

Beside your and your organization recognition you have a great opportunity to spend time among very inspiring and nice people. In addition, all speakers will receive two 50% discount coupons.


Presentation should be for 25 min max. If you would like to have it shorter or longer please indicate it here and describe why.